Academic programs

Modified Academic:

These classes have students in small groups (13-17) with a homeroom teacher 75% of the time. These students work towards reintegrating back into mainstream high school and may attend a course or two at GALT.

Life Skills:

These classes are for students who need to work on many different life skills that will prepare them for the transition into their place in society, once school is completed.



This program is for students ages 18-22 who are enrolled in the Pre-Work Training Program. They receive all of their instruction on the Champlain/Bishop’s campus and audit Cegep courses where able. In this unique programs ETLC students are integrated into the Champlain Program, but staffing is provided by the ETLC.


LTTM Pre-Work Training:

This class focuses on a 3-year accumulation of 900 job-training hours that will allow the students to achieve a high school certificate for pre-work training. Students who are 15+ & have not yet attained Grade 5 yet.